Discontinuing the Booster API

The Booster API is no longer available

The Booster API by Campfire was sunset on September 4th, 2020. We are deeply grateful to all of the customers who have used our Booster API.


Why was this API sunset?
We’ve sunset this API to make way for a better line-up of core products. We have some exciting plans for a product similar to this in the future.

What if I still need a booster API?
If for whatever reason you need a Booster API for a core system you are using, you may apply for a temporary system. Please be aware that we will only be accepting users who were already using our Booster API, and that have an extremely valid use case.

Does this impact my Campfire HQ bot?
No. This doesn’t impact your Campfire HQ custom bot.



I wanted to use this for my roblox group.

@boI Don’t worry! As the FAQ said there will be a new product in the future that will be better than the previous one.

So does this mean that we will not get a free bot if we boost the server via discord?