Hyra: Application Centres & More

We announced Hyra last week. We didn’t really mention much about what it was, which left some of you questioning (this was intentional).

Introducing Hyra, the hiring platform for all your hiring needs.

Recently, we were looking to implement an application center system for our jobs at Campfire. We gave a few options a try, and we were quite surprised by the lack of innovation.


We tried out myCenter first. We liked the simplicity of the platform and how easy it was to get running.

However, we noticed several problems after a little while:

  • The platform lacks some key features such as the ability to customise
  • The platform is convoluted with “maintenance”. We’ve literally never seen it when it’s not in maintenance.
  • The uptime isn’t particularly great. They “boast” a 99.7% uptime - which isn’t even good, that’s a whole day of downtime per year.
  • The platform is filled with annoying banners.
  • The platform is slow and takes an excruciatingly long time to load.
  • The UI and general user experience of the Roblox GUIs is poor.

Nobody should have to use Trello application centres. Period.

We then noticed there was a gap in the market. A platform that allows you to continue your staffing mission even after hire.

So, we created Hyra.

Hyra is a platform that manages your applications, ranking, staffing, warnings, demotions, inactive notices, demotions, anything really. The data all gets funnelled into useful, clean and easy to use views that allow users to be in full control at all times. Think of this as a way to get rid of your decentralised systems, and make them centralised.

Best part? It’s free.

Campfire Hyra launches this Summer and we’re extremely excited to show you what we’ve got in store.

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