Moving our APIs around

We created our Booster API nearly a year ago, with the intention of building meaningful connections between Roblox and Discord for boosting. We’re extremely proud of what it’s become today.

Changes coming soon

Soon, our public bot will move to our new core base, along with this move, will come the launch of our new economy system. We’ll have more details on this move in a thread to follow.

With this change comes some new challenges to our Booster API. We’ve sat down and taken a look at the best options, and here’s the plan.

Introducing Campfire API

Our first public API launches soon. We’ll have documentation on our API, as well as a detailed run down of how it all clicks together.

Starting late June - early July, we’ll launch the following routes:

Anything directly relating to our bot product will be placed on /api. These routes will be served by a combination of Google Cloud and Cloudflare.

Our ranking API will not move, and will continue to operate on

The routes on /api will require an API Key. Some API routes will be limited to a daily threshold of requests - this will be done on a points basis similar to YouTube API.

Many thanks,

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